5 surprising ways to use peppermint oil for bed bugs

5 surprising ways to use peppermint oil for bed bugs

Peppermint essential oil is a favorite essential oil because of its versatility. It is incredibly important as an insect repellent and insecticide when battling bed worm infestations. How can peppermint oil be used in the treatment of bed bugs? Does peppermint oil repel bed bugs? Peppermint oil is high in menthol which can be deadly to many insect species like Bed bugs and cockroaches. The peppermint essential oil has a powerful smell and it also helps repel bed bugs.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are liquid substances extracted by a bacterivorous or insect by removing the root, bark or seeds of plants. During extraction it will need condensation – evaporation – isolation of the oils and removing the highly reactive substances of the plant from the water. In addition, this distilled substance becomes an active substance that humans use for insect and animal repellents, antiseptics, antibacterial and anti-bacterial. Although essential oils have been used extensively in bed bug repellents, their high potencies and concentrations make their consumption harmful or dangerous.

Do essential oils help with bedbugs?

Researchers are now investigating whether essential oils can be effective in controlling bed bugs. A Purdue University researcher identified a handful of essential compounds affecting bed bugs. These direct application compounds are a mixture of carvacrols extracted from oreganos and thyme, thethymol (theme). Citrolionic acid (lemongrass) or eugenol (cloves ). Some essential oils are claimed by the company to be effective at fighting bed bugs and preventing them from entering the home. A Rutgers University study found that some are not truer than others.


Essential oils are often a common choice by homeowners as they are safe to use and do not cause any harm to their health. This makes it safe to be used around children, pets or in clothing. Use essential oils in the bed, clothing, linen and other areas around your bed such as headrest and leg areas to prevent them from crawling in. In addition some people suggested mixing the essential oils but only one or more varieties in a single session.

Lavender oil

The oils are extracted from lavenders. Mostly used in aromatherapy it helps people feel calm and peaceful. Even when lavender is a powerful repellent, its scent does not harm faeces or other bugs. This essential oil can be used in combination with tea tree oils easily in the presence of young children.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is extracted from Eucalyptus leaves, very popular throughout Australia. This essential oil is diluted and is a good essential oil to fight bed bugs. It also kills bugs and has eggs as an essential oil for bed bug treatment. This oil is great for cleaning your home and keeping bugs out.

Treatment for Bed Bug Bites

Essential oils can help with the healing of bites. They will help reduce your discomfort and irritation when you bite a bedbug. Some oils are particularly good at keeping bacteria at bay, which prevents any bacterial growth.

Lemon Or Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil and lemon grass oil come from Evergreens in Southeast Asia, which rejuvenates minds. They contain citrus that kill bed bugs. They contain very acid and therefore need to be diluted before you start using.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oils are made from the Middle East with water and peppermint, and their fragrance is incredibly powerful for repelling mosquitoes. The refreshing scent is a powerful boost on our brain.

Does Peppermint Oil Repel Bed Bugs?

Peppermint oil has proven to be surprisingly effective in destroying bedbugs. Bed bugs can be hard to eliminate, but using combination methods usually works well. Heating beds buggers can be a very effective way of controlling their infestations. The temperature kills bedbugs at each phase of their lifecycle – eggs, nymphs and adults. The oil of peppermint does however merely kill bedbugs when sprayed or combined. Unlike most insecticides these bed bug spray ingredients also have a pungent taste which lingers on bed bugs for several hours.

Best essential oils for bed bug control

Peppermint Oil is the only ingredient used for the prevention of bed bug infestations. Essential oils are chemicals found in plants. In most human applications, these systems mimic their function within plants – to enhance health and wellbeing and deter pest and disease growth. Among other essential oils known to protect against bugs are clove, cedarwood and clove oils. It’s also possible to spray the linen and clothes with lavender oil to kill bed bugs.

DIY Peppermint Oil Spray for Bed Bugs

The best solution for bed bugs is using peppermint oil. Fill the spray bottles three-quarters full with water and sprinkle 20 drops with peppermint oil. Shake it up. Spray on soiled or exposed surfaces to bed bugs for repellent effect and to avoid damage. It also provides contact insecticide against bugs. If you have trouble keeping carpenter bees out of the outdoors use peppermint oil to repel them. Neither of them likes fragrances too much.

Does peppermint oil kill bedbugs?

Is peppermint essential oil effective in killing bugs in the bedroom? If it is used at high concentration, menthol kills bed bugs. Avoid sprayed peppermint oil. Peppermint is an extremely toxic chemical that can cause irritation to the skin and contains volatiles. Peppermint oil kills bed bugs in contact, but it is not recommended for use alone. It should also be used for bed bug protection in addition to follow-up training.

Home remedies for bed bug repellents

A bed bug can easily hide behind cracks, and that may cause a problem when it occurs. After the initial thermal treatment and fogger treatment your bug patrol will last several months. Frequently hiding areas for bed bugs can be found under bed frames. Keep spraying this region and any area you’ve previously detected an unusually large infestation. Tb1334.

Create A Peppermint Oil Bed Bug Repellent

It’s possible that when on bed bug patrols the bugs are tiny and even an inspection can’t reveal them. Even with no proven evidence, carrying some natural insect repellent can help prevent a lot of damage. You can do this to prevent bedbugs from entering or out of a place. A purely organic remedy peppermint oil pest spray may be created by mixing rubbing alcohol and olive oil. Remove the bed coverings and sprinkle this option lightly over the bed and the pillows. Bring back your bed sheet or pillowcase, and apply the blanket and cover.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bug is a pain, even if it has bite marks. But it makes this pest unattractive when seen clearly, and hides under dark spaces and cracks, the worst of which. After dark, this pest crawls into its hiding spots and feeds off human blood with their talons like a buffet. Anesthesiologist injecting a painkiller into your skin can make them bite easily, with little to no warning to your eyes. When a person has experienced or noticed nocturnals it is very possible that they have more in common. Insects therefore have only been spotted.

Tell me the benefits of natural alternatives?

In reality, using a professional pest control company to control bed bugs or to buy antibed bug alternative solutions such as traps, insecticide or equipment can be expensive. Typically a DIY remedy appealing to many people is the use of natural, non-toxic substances which protect your health and safety. Alternatives are generally found at supermarkets or department stores and they can easily be purchased inexpensively. The downside of taking this route is the poor quality results and the difficulty to maintain failed attempts.

Is peppermint oil good for bed bugs?

Peppermint oil repels insects. Peppermint has been described as an insect-killer as well as bed insect repellant as described above. It is also not recommended in the absence of bed bug control. Here are some other ways to treat peppermint oil. DE is a really popular option as a nonchemical and safe solution to pesticide chemicals. Its coarse grains of sandy texture are most commonly made with silica, a hard substance. Diatomaceous soil is also relatively safe around animals or children, despite its cost.

Hot water wash

Bring it to a laundry machine and clean it with a high pressure water. Hot water washing can be used to clean clothes as well as eliminate bed bugs in an instant.

How does peppermint oil affect bed bugs?

Humans appreciate the aroma peppermint provides them. We use it to nourish ourselves in soap baths, hot meals and other things to help improve life. This oil is also good for removing menthols from the body when sick and helps relieve irritated eardrums. But our favorite strong smell has made Bed Bugs very offensive to us. The use of diluted peppermint oil on dry skin may also cause an irritating reaction and that is another reason bed bugs avoid it.

Move with Caution

You should perform an easy patch test before applying essential oils in big areas. Some oils may cause skin irritation. The best essential oils are often used in combination with bed bugs. When you discover your tolerance for a particular product or chemical type, simply ignore this situation and use another product instead. With all the choices on offer, you should be able to locate any oil or blend that does your job perfectly.

The best essential oils for bed bugs

Two studies from Rutgers University found the active chemicals in a range of essential oils can be effective in removing bedbug infestation. (1) Purdue research found that the corresponding essential oil is more effective at controlling bed bugs. The study found the use of essential oils also enhanced their effectiveness. Other possible useful essential oils are:

Safety concerns

Essential oils can be very beneficial. When used carefully, essential oil has little to none of the harmful effects. Each oil has a number of adverse reactions and should always be consulted before using. Never consume essential oils and make sure to dispense with carrier oil or coconut oil. Selecting only high-end certified organic products is important as many products are diluted or contaminated with hazardous substances.

How to use EOs for Bed Bugs?

If your infestation has already been severe, then oils may not help with your problem. Contact a professional apex specializing in pest management and removal. Use the below blend essential oils to prevent bed bugs in your household. If you feel an itchy bedbug bite.


Bed bug is a flat-shaped animal that feeds upon the blood of people at night. When bedbugs bite, it emits anesthesia which makes them bite your body when sleeping. If bed bugs are not causing problems at home you can try home remedies or natural methods to control them.

Essential oils as a natural pest control

Essential oils are distillated plant substances that contain active chemicals known for their useful properties. Use essential oils to treat insect bites. Aromatherapy uses pure oils to heal and to be well. Researchers indicate that the EO has also the ability:

How can peppermint oil be used to kill bed bugs?

How to spray repellants in peppermint oil can be incredibly helpful in repelling insect infestation. You can then quickly apply the spray on mattresses so the bugs can be eliminated. If you’re quick, it is possible to kill bugs by simply spraying it on them.

How to make a repellent?

There’s one way in which peppermint oils can be used as bedbug removing agents in the home. In simplest form, ten drops of peppermint oil can be mixed with 15ml of water. Shake bottle for mixing. Then take off and apply it to the mattress immediately before you sleep. You can also gently lift the surface to spray underneath it to look for bugs and spray it if necessary. Make a new bed by applying repellent to soiled sheets, regular bed sheets and comforters. You might even spray the pillows and headboards when needed. Repeat this procedure on your entire house.


Some precautions can be a good idea whatever repellent method you choose for your situation. Although you can use it sparingly to spray on all surfaces, you’ll be reminded that kids skin can be more sensitive to chemicals. Reduce the amount of this mixture that is used to clean their beds. Aside from irritation, the oil may have the same effects as rubbing your skin, so diluted peppermint oil is important for such applications. You can use gloves when mixing your sprays to stop them from coming on your body.

What else should I consider?

Though peppermint oils have been used as an effective insect repellant for many decades, they are no standalone cure. If you want to try peppermint oil spray there are some more ways to eliminate pests as quickly as possible.

Silica gel

If the Earth doesn’t have enough dissolved water to replace it with a solution made of silica gel. Silica gel can be found in tiny packs placed inside bottles, shoes, and other products that are available for purchase to prevent mold growth. Remove the packets and grind the gel into powder. Sprinkle the powder on places where bed bugs hide. When the bed bugs contact it damages the protective surface of their skin resulting in dehydration and ultimately a fatality.

Hot water

Use a heating device if it’s possible to kill bugs on bed. When you put your clothes in the washer at the highest temperatures, you will destroy any insects in the fabric. Besides removing stains they’ve discarded from food and nourishing themselves, it washes them off. However, you don’t necessarily have everything you need for washing clothes. Your bed is an example and you need a new way to get that hot water onto your body.

Vacuum cleaning

The use of vacuum cleaners helps in getting rid of bed bugs hiding in cracks in the floor by using different attachment tools. The mattress frame and furniture will then be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate as much bed bug as possible. You may bring this to your adjoining room or home if it needs to be removed. You can take the steamer out of the vacuum and look for any bugs that the vacuum missed.

Diatomaceous earth

Instead try diatomaceous earth or DE insecticide instead. The safer alternative is because its grains contain sandlike non-chemical substances, mainly silica. Although highly abrasive, DE is safe and effective for both kids and pets and it doesn’t cost much.

Consider the Other Advantages of Essential Oils

As you choose many amazing oils to choose from, you can choose your oil using a variety of factors:

Cleaning benefits

Eucalyptus oils have been in contaminated beds for years. Eucalyptus oil and lavender oil are good alternatives to cleaning products and vinegar. A disinfectant product is double duty for cleaning up the mess at the same time ensuring a healthy living environment. The fact that adding essential oil to every area of life will provide a beneficial calming effect on the body and will reduce the number of bed bugs. Repellant products with essential oils can also kill spider wasp, cockroach and even mice.

Benefits to your skin

Bedbug repellent made from peppermint oil, olive oil, or tea tree oil provides great anti-fungal, anti-viral, and skin health benefits. Having a personal insect repellent product can help your skin condition!

Aromatherapy benefits

Cool air diffusers with lavender oil will calm the mood of the body and allow you to rest soundly and boost slumber without disturbing insects.

How do you use peppermint oil to get rid of bugs?

Add peppermint oil to hot water and pour it into spray bottles. Ideally five to 10 drops are needed per pound of water. Apply the mixture to surfaces of the house where insects are usually present such as countertops, tables and chairs.

What is the best essential oil to kill bed bugs?

Carvacrol, made of organo and thyme; thmol (thyme), citronellicide acid (lemongrass); and eugene are the best. When tested for fumigants, thymol sylvarol linules (also commonly found in basil) and camphors were the best. Four contaminated compounds have failed to kill beds bugs for more than 24hrs.

Does lavender and peppermint oil kill bed bugs?

Lavender oil is a widely used insect repellent which successfully halts the spread of bedbugs and their eggs. Unlike many pesticides, this product is a good alternative for those who hate its taste.

How do you make essential oil spray for bed bugs?

How should a person be treated for bed bugs? A teaspoon Rub. Alcoholic Acid. Six ounces of water – Drink it. Ten drops carvacrol oil. 5 drops Thamol. 5 drops. 5-drop geranail.

Which essential oil is best for killing bed bugs?

Carvacrol is derived from oregano and thyme; thmomol and citronellol. When compared with the fumigant, Thymol, Carvacrol – Linalool is common in basil. Four compounds have killed bedbugs in 24 hours.

What smell kills bed bugs instantly?

Lavender oil combines with other insecticides that effectively repels bed bugs. It’s the simplest and most reliable way to treat this persistent pest because it hates its scent and smell.