How To Catch Bed Bugs Using Double Sided Tape

Practical Field Experience Suggested Double Sided Tape Was an Incorrect Bed Bug Deterrent

Here is another case of a practical field experience on bed bug treatment, this time from a pest control company.

The management team sent us a report that they had found some double sided tape (a very thick) in the bedding of one of their clients’ houses.

Upon further inspection it was found that the tape was not designed to be treated as a pesticide, but rather as something to be used for ‘encouragement’ of the growth of certain beneficial insects.

Upon further inspection it was found that the tape was not double sided, but rather in fact could only be peeled off by ‘extraction’ – which obviously suggests that the tape would not have been effective at all.

practical field experience suggested double sided tape was an ineffective bed bug

From the pest control company’s point of view they should have called in a Bed Bug consultant to inspect the client’s home and determine what other treatments would have been most effective.

However, from our point of view, they should have insisted that the pest management company conduct a complete on site Bed Bug inspection, and let the pest control company to provide them with a list of pests that need to be treated in that particular home before they would go ahead with recommending any solution to that particular client.

If they had asked the pest management company if they themselves had recommended that particular solution then they might have received some different recommendations, and therefore might have had a better chance of getting their client’s house free of bed bugs!

And in the end, for that particular client, they might have saved quite a bit of money, not to mention the benefit of having a healthier and more comfortable home to live in.

If you are ever asked to carry out such an inspection and find that double sided tape is being applied, never feel pressured into complying.

It’s a common practice amongst pest control companies to recommend that people buy bed bug protection products, and also make recommendations to their own clients about how best to use those products.

And if you’re found to be complying with their recommendations, or indeed using them, then they will not hesitate to label you as a ‘bad customer’ and label your company’s products as unsuitable for use by bed bugs.

In this case, you’re actually helping them sell you more of their products, but it’s up to you whether you want to comply, or not.

The Correct Way On Applying Bed Bugs Double Sided Tape Protection

If you have been thinking about getting rid of these nasty creatures in your home, we would suggest that you use a double sided sticky tape for bed bugs removal.

The reason why this is important is because not only are they extremely resilient creatures but they are also highly adaptive as well.

They are able to adapt and survive in almost any kind of environment, which makes them hard to kill as their means of survival is dependent on finding an open space to hide in.

Now, if you think that they could walk around on the tape easily, then you are mistaken. Let us explain this further to you.

When using a bed bug spray, a standard spray bottle would work just fine, but you would definitely want to add some more protection to it using some double sided tape.

In fact, when you are applying the spray to your walls and ceilings, you would be putting a barrier between the spray and the bed bugs, thus preventing them from getting into the spray.

They are also not going to be affected by the heat that the sun produces, so you do not have to worry about the tape melting as well.

Now let us get down to the actual application part. You would have to apply the double sided tape on areas such as window sills, baseboards, light switches, baseboard fans, cracks in the wall, etc.

While applying the tape, you should pay special attention to the crevices as this is where the adult bugs usually breed.

Once you are done with the application, then you can put the sheet over the area and then cover it all with additional plastic sheets so that the bed bug cannot enter through the crevices.

After this, you can wait for several days, but make sure that the bugs are not entering through the openings.

If they enter, you need to replace the double sided sticky tape with another piece of Teflon pan and continue applying the bed bug protection.

Easy Ways To Check For Bedbugs On A Motel Room

If you have been thinking about a trip to a motel in order to stay the night, make sure to use a magnifying glass. Most people who have never been on a vacation would not think that this would be an easy way to check for bedbugs. However, it is true that bedbugs can be very small and hard to see with the naked eye. Using a magnifying glass is an easy way to check for them. A regular magnifying glass that you probably already have at home should work just fine.

Another easy way to check for bedbugs in a motel is to check for tell tale signs. For instance, they usually only come out at night when they are sleeping. You will know if you have them because you will see redness on your skin, which is common with bedbug bites. You may also feel an itchy rash in certain areas of your body.

These are just some of the things that you will want to remember when you are checking for bedbugs on a motel room. In order to make sure that you have found all of the beds instead of just one, make sure to use a magnifying glass. This will help you check each individual part of the room, making it easier for you to find the bedbugs that you need to get rid of.

Putting a Strip of Tape Around the Head Board For Bed Bugs

The most common way that people try to deal with the problem of bed bugs is by sealing the entire mattress, using a vacuum and the chemicals.

This would be like sealing the whole house and then hoping that nothing happened to it while you were gone. They would simply migrate to the next room where they could live off of your blood.

There are ways to completely get rid of any infestation, but you do not want to go about doing that the hazardous way without knowing how to properly treat the contaminated materials.

You need to know how to put another strip of tape around the headboard for bed bugs to get away from.

Place another strip of tape around the head board for bed bugs

While it may seem simple, there are several reasons why you would want to place another strip of tape around the headboard for bed bugs.

One, you want to ensure that the tape will cover every corner of the bed.

Two, it may be easier to clean the bedding if each corner of the headboard is covered in a little sticky tape.

Three, the tape will also help to contain any spills or other contaminates that might be in the mattress that cannot be washed away easily.

You do not want any chemical spills to seep out onto the bedding, as this could lead to serious health concerns for the people in the home.

Putting a head board down over the mattress is the first step in tackling your problem.

Once you have done so, you should check each corner of the bedding for any possible places that the bed bug can crawl into.

If you find them, simply pick up a broom and sweep them off of the area.

Continue to do this until the entire head board is covered.

Once you have done this, you will want to cover the entire area with plastic sheeting to keep the bugs from getting to the wood.

This way, you can be sure that you are taking the correct steps to eliminate any bugs that are already inside of your home.

How to Apply a Strip of the Double-Sided Tape All Around the Mattress

Apply a strip of the doublesided tape all the way around the mattress bed bugs

If you do not see any live bedbugs on the strip, there may be a larger problem such as bed mites.

Bed mites are microscopic insects that live off of dead human skin cells.

While they are not harmful to humans, they can make your allergies to humans hurt. It is best to take your allergy medicine when you have an allergic reaction.

You can also apply the strip of the tape to other hard surfaces in the room, such as wood floors or wallpaper.

This will help reduce the chances of the bedbugs finding their way into your room again.

Clean the vacuum cleaner before you put it away and completely dry the mattress before you apply a strip of the tape to cover it.

If you find that you still have to live bugs in the mattress, you can repeat the process above to clean the vacuum cleaner and dry the mattress before applying a new strip of the tape.

Repeat this process until you no longer see any live bugs. Once you have cleaned and dried the area, apply a new strip of the tape and then continue cleaning and drying the mattress until it is totally free of the nasty little pest.

Bed Bug Trap – Why Use One?

If you have a bed bug problem in your home, it would be wise to get a bed bug trap. The reason I suggest this is because you can kill off all the bed bugs in your home with one simple trap but if you wait and they breakout again before you take the initiative you will be leaving your family members and pets vulnerable. I also suggest this, because when you use these traps it makes your infestation problem go away more quickly.

bed bug trap Youre also going to need a roll of painters tape

How to Purchase a Roll of Double Sided Carpet Tape For Your Bed Bugs Trap

purchase a roll of double sided carpet tape for ned bugs trap

In order to purchase a roll of double sided carpet tape for bed bugs trap.

How To Detect Bedbugs Using Tape Cleansing

Most of the time the tape is colored to indicate whether or not the infestation is active, if it is then it will usually be brown to dark red.

If you find this while using the tape then there is no active infestation so this method should prove effective in finding live bedbugs. After this you can use an Insect Growth regulator to kill off any remaining bedbugs.

If you are unable to find any signs of bedbugs using clear tape then you need to consider the use of an Insect Growth Regulator on your mattress.

I know that this seems like a rather drastic measure but an Insect Growth Regulator will literally prevent the eggs from hatching from the eggs laid by the adult bedbug.

The fact that bedbugs normally lay around thirty eggs is one of the reasons that an Insect Growth Regulator can be effective and it is also important to remember that they will continue to lay their eggs until there are thirty eggs laid, this means that if you discover that there are still live bugs in your mattress then it is highly likely that they have not been killed using insect growth regulators.

Another method to detect bedbugs using clear tape is to use a flashlight attached to a piece of clothing.

It may sound unusual to you but a flashlight can often reveal live bugs that you are unable to see with your naked eye.

I know that this is slightly more difficult than using clear tape but it is worth trying.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs When the Bed Bug Infestation Climbs Up

When you have problems with the bed bugs, you will notice some small black or brown spots that are kind of sticky and look sort of like a rash.

If you have never had bed bugs before they will be incredibly tiny and can hide very easily, you won’t really see them unless they are really small. There are a couple of different ways that they will be hiding and they will simply get stuck on the tape in your closet, under your furniture, or any other place they can find protection.

bed bugs when the bed bugs climb up

Once you start to notice signs of infestation you will need to use an insecticide powder in order to eliminate the entire infestation.

Once the powder is completely dry, you should spray the entire room and then wait for the bed bugs to die off. If you have an extreme infestation, you can spray the tape with a hot air attachment and allow it to sit for an hour or so. This will kill off all the hiding places as well as the eggs that are currently on the tape.

If you find that you still have a bed bug problem even after following these steps you should get a special bed bug spray the tape again.

You simply want to continue to repeat this step until the infestation is completely gone. Although it may seem like a lot of work there are many reasons why you need to get out in the yard today and kill off any bugs that are on the tape, hiding in your mattress, under your furniture, or any other place in your home.