How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

  • “So helpful. Thank you. We have a house some people moved out of and they said nothing about bed bugs. I was inside cleaning out garbage for a week before I found them. We don’t want the next renter to get them. Even the contact killer to start it costs so much money! This will help a lot. I thank you and the next renter thanks you.”…” more
  • “There are so many sites to get info on bed bugs. wikiHow was one of the most informative websites I read. Having pictures helps to show exactly what you need to do. It is very important to rid of bed bugs permanently! When it comes to my granddaughter, nothing is out of the question!”…” more

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  • “As of the time of reading this article, my house is infested with bugs through secondhand furniture I bought. I have been trying to get the right antidote for it, but the realization that they can stay for up to so many days without food, is shocking to me.”…” more
  • “As I write this review I’m covered with bed bug bites. I have been sleeping in a bed for 4 nights and every morning I discovered more and more bites on my face, arms, chest and back. Your article gave me some helpful tips on how to rid myself of them.”…” more
  • “I understand now how serious this can get. It is not a subject that should be hidden because of shame. All walks of life can potentially be plagued by this problem. I really liked how both sides of the spraying of toxic and nontoxic were explained.”…” more
  • “I learned where to find them and how to stop them, but mostly why they only bite me. It has taken days to manifest after spending a night in a hotel. I remember picking an insect off me. Now I know I have brought them home eggs/bugs in my clothes. “…” more
  • “This article helped a lot in letting me clean out my room. I highly recommend the tea tree and wintergreen alcohol as more friendly ways to clean these guys out; witch hazel helps a lot with these bites and a lot of other irritants. Good luck!”…” more
  • “I awoke from a hotel room bed to find 3 bites in a row on my shoulder, then 3 more in a row on my wrist. It was then I realized, OMG, not fleas, not mosquito bites, BEDBUGS! I did some research and found out that the bites were indeed bedbugs.”…” more
  • “Gave me hope of winning the battle, solutions I can actually apply. Health concerns make many solutions impractical, even fatal for me to try. I was distraught, though it won’t be easy. I know it is at least possible to get rid of them.”…” more
  • “My son came home from college with bed bug bites that had gotten infected from him scratching. After being treated by our physician we were instructed to rid his room at home of bed bugs. These tips were very helpful.”…” more
  • “I have a tenant who bought a used mattress, and now thinks he has bed bug bites. The whole article and the accompanying pictures were very helpful, since I have never had this issue in 20 years of being a landlady.”…” more
  • “I bought a house, former owners didn’t specify that it had bed bugs. I got eaten alive the first night, very painful itchy huge bites, DE works great! Use white/clear silicone on all baseboards, thresholds too!”…” more
  • “I had no idea about the tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle and spraying it on everything. I have kids, and I’m afraid to use chemicals in the house with small toddlers running around. Thank you.”…” more
  • “Even though I’m freaked out by the thought of having bed bugs, this article educated me and gave me hope that I can at least have some control through diligence and perseverance! I feel prepared now.”…” more
  • “My friend is moving out of an infested house and needs to be sure he isn’t bringing the problem with him. Thankfully, your information will help ensure a bite-free home I’m not afraid to visit!”…” more
  • “It helped me to realize the cheapest plan I can use right now is wintergreen alcohol in a spray bottle and wet my bed down. Thank you, when funds are low, some of the best ideas are online. “…” more
  • “Just helps reassure me that I am doing things right. It seems to be taking forever to get rid of this. It’s only been found in one room, but we clean, cover and spray everything anyway.”…” more
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  • “I’ve read a number of articles on bed bugs over the last 10 years. This one is comprehensive, clear, and gives a variety of options that a householder could do themselves. Excellent! “…” more
  • “The information within this article is so helpful–giving me valuable tactics and approaches on one site that only seem to be found in multiple pages elsewhere. Thank you very much!”…” more
  • “This is very helpful. I really don’t know much about this nightmare, but since my neighbor moved I’m learning! You guys are one of the best teachers I’ve run across!! Thank you.”…” more
  • “I wasn’t sure what kind of bug bites I got recently. But after I read the article, it became so clear that it’s bed bug. I’m calling a pest control team immediately!”…” more
  • “Just the way it is explained; what to use and not use for health reasons is appreciated. Some of the products I was considering using were not recommended, thanks.”…” more
  • “Man, this has been really helpful to me. I have an inspection coming up, and I’ve got to get rid of all these things because I failed inspection report last time.”…” more

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  • “Good general info. I had never, ever seen a bedbug or knew anyone who had during my 61 years. If you need to know about anything, this seems the like site to be.”…” more
  • “Good advice, with photos and drawings. The practical low-cost suggestions are very helpful. This guide answered all of my questions about solving the problem.”…” more
  • “I thought the whole article was very informative. I was scared, but after reading the article, I’m no longer scared. I think I can handle this. Thank you.”…” more
  • “Thank you very much, persistence = dead bugs, not bed bugs. I can now try some of these techniques without upsetting the housing plan treatment, thanks!”…” more
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  • “I needed info for a relative in another state. This is detailed, but not overwhelming for them. I can easily print it & forward via snail mail. Thanks!”…” more
  • “Motivating. The tips on how to remove them naturally with steam and vacuuming makes me feel hope and like its possible to get rid of the bedbugs.”…” more
  • “This is a nightmare! We just found 3, I’m freaking out! But this article helps me know what to do so I can wage war instead of being overrun.”…” more
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