How To Trap Bed Bugs with Duct Tape

Originally posted on June 23, 2021 @ 7:23 am

How to Pick Bed Bugs Using the Same Method You Use to Lift Cat Hair Off

There are a lot of things I have seen over the years that were used as effective insect control but some methods are just plain gross.

One of those methods is called bed bug tape that sounds gross but it’s a real method.

If you want to get rid of bed bugs but you don’t want to use chemicals, there’s a way that works just as well if not better than the chemicals.

Using tape isn’t always a good idea but some people do it anyway and it can lead to other problems like fumigation of the home, mold removal and insecticide poisoning.

I’m going to show you how to use duct tape to pick up bed bugs and leave them alone. The reason I’m telling you this is because sometimes it’s not just the bed bugs you have to worry about.

used duct tape to pick bed bugs same way you use tape to lift cat hair from clothing

Sometimes furniture gets moved and they find places in your house that they like to hide in.

So, instead of disturbing you and your family you can use some tape it up where they want to stay.

You want to make sure you use a tape that is dark in color.

Before you start to tape up your bed bugs, make sure you turn off all lights so you can see where you’re going.

Also remember to wear gloves and long pants because you might actually need to pull the tape and use it on the seams.

My Duct Tape Story

A few weeks ago, my wife was at home, she had a shower and got out the floor lamp with the light bulb on top.

She put it on a bookshelf next to the computer and the light bulb worked for a couple of days.

On Friday, she came in from work and said that there were bug bites all over the house.

I took the lamp and downstairs to find what I suspected to be bed bugs, there were no eggs but my kids were infested and they were covered in what looked like almond paste.

so I jammed duct tape into every crack and crevice I could find bed bugsAfter going back to work late that Friday, I went to my daughter’s room and she was covered with what looked like bug bites, there were no eggs but my daughter’s hair was matted down with what looked like paste and she was very swollen and cold to touch.

I went to the doctor and got her into the doctor’s office to get checked because she was very dirty (no makeup) and she might have some kind of allergic reaction.

Why Did I Find Out That Duct Tape Picked Up Eggs Too?

There are two things that happened to me that day. I found duct tape picked up bed bug eggs and duct tape also picked up cat hair.

I have to admit that I was surprised because it’s one of those things that I can’t explain and it just happens. The other day while vacuuming I came across a brownish colored sticky mess on the floor.

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I immediately picked it up with my vacuum but as I probed further I soon discovered what it was.

As a bonus I found duct tape picked up eggs tooIt turns out that it was duct tape and it was covering up bed bug eggs that had been left on a couch for the morning.

Now, when I found this out the first thought that went through my mind was, “Why in the world would I want to use this stuff?” However, after I thought about it for a little bit I decided that it was something that could work and I put it to work.

Leave Duct Tape Over the Potential Hiding Places Like the Mattress

Leave duct tape over the potential hiding places like the seams on mattresses to keep bed bugs out of your home.

Bed bugs, which are a nasty little creature that can live up to one year without a feeding, hide in folds and crevices and folds of the mattress.

The seams on mattresses that have a number of these tiny creatures scurrying in is the number one hiding place for bedbugs.

They will not go directly into a bed but will tunnel through the fabric of the mattress and then into the seams that are there to give you an unpleasant night’s rest.

If you have this problem with an existing mattress, the best thing to do is to buy a new one and then put tape over the existing seam that holds the foam together.

When you find your new pad, cut the excess tape off with a pair of sharp scissors and put it in a new pad that has no tape on it.

When you find the hidden areas on the new pad, put the new tape in place on the tape you’ve just removed and continue to work around the perimeter of the mattress looking for the hiding places.

It’s possible that you may have to go back to the store and get a few more of the same type of tape, but if you find it all on one mattress you’re going to be able to get a new one fairly cheap and quickly.

Another option would be to purchase some heavy duty sticky tape.

This type of tape is made specifically to stay stuck to fabrics like mattresses. It will stick to anything it is applied to, so you’ll know where to find the hiding places of the bedbugs.

After you have placed the tape in its location, use the same sharpie marker you used to mark off the areas on the mattress where you found them.

The marker you use should be something that’s easy to find because you will be applying this marker in many different places.

You could also use a marker like paint or markers that have adhesive on them so you can apply them directly to an area instead of having to worry about other surfaces showing through.

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Leave Duct Tape Over the Potential Hiding Places That Are Instantly Covered by Other Decorative Items

Duct tape is an adhesive product and is used in a variety of situations.

It can be used to hold up wallpaper or paint on walls, it can be used to hold up drywall in a bedroom or bathroom and it can even be used to hold up wallpaper in the kitchen if you are renovating and the wall is considered to be “high traffic” or if it will need to be cleaned a lot.

Why would you leave duct tape over the potential hiding places that are ordinarily covered up by wallpaper or paint?

Well, duct tape is not just any sort of adhesive tape, it is a type of tape that has a sticky tape on one end and a backing material (most often polyester or vinyl) on the other.

Therefore, when you leave the duct tape over the potential hiding places that are normally covered up by wallpaper or paint, you are actually leaving those areas “open.” What this means is that anything that is taped into place will remain stuck to that tape unless you remove the backing.

leave duct tape over the potential hiding places that are ordinarily covered up

Bed Bug Infestation

bed bug infestation was but it was bad enough for me What ended it was duct tape

Be Vaginant in Checking For Bed Bugs Outside of Your Home

The pest control industry is working feverishly to find better ways of dealing with these horrible pests and the good news is that some newer chemicals and sprays are showing very good results.

However, you should be aware that you should not just pray and hope that they will take care of everything for you.

You have to be proactive and work in areas outside of your home to be vigilant in checking mattresses for bed bugs. You do not want to wait until it has been too late and then realize that you have a problem on your hands.

areas outside of your home be vigilant in checking mattresses for bed bugs

Bed bugs are spread quite easily and can easily be anywhere. It is only a matter of time before they start showing up in your home as well as other buildings and your vehicles.

This means that now is the time to be proactive and begin working in areas outside of your home to be vigilant in checking mattresses for bed bugs.

This is especially important because you cannot keep everything covered up forever. Eventually, some things will get exposed to sunlight and that will allow the bugs to thrive and begin to live in your mattress.

One way that you can check for bed bug growth is to use a light application of pest control spray around your mattress.

There are many different products available to you but be weary of some of them. These sprays are going to dry out your skin and allow the bugs to return in record numbers.

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Be sure that you are following the directions and applying the spray exactly where it is needed. In areas outside of your home, be vigilant in checking mattresses for bed bugs and remember, prevention is the key.

Covering Windows With Bed Bugs Tape – A Waste of Time?

When we first discovered that our house had these creepy crawlers, we freaked out. We immediately called the exterminator and he told us that these creatures were only active at night and that they lay eggs during the daytime.

This made no sense to us, since we saw no evidence of them during our daytime visits. Plus it was frustrating to see all those bed bugs stuck to the sticky tape!

Plus it was satisfying to see all those bed bugs stuck on the duct tape

The exterminator suggested that we take tape and cover any opening in the walls.

After doing this, he recommended that we place the tape over the windows and then leave it there for four or five hours.

When we came back, the tape was covered over but we could still see the little bugs hanging around.

That night we slept well and when morning came, we found that the tape had been completely cleaned.

In fact, it was so clean, we could not even see the tiny bugs! So, now we know that covering windows with bed bugs tape is not the best way to get rid of the crawling pests.

Duct Tape Will Make It Too Small For The Bed Bug Problem

There are many ways that you can kill off these pests, including sprays, dusts and even liquid pesticides.

The most effective way that I have found to be very effective is a duct tape cover over your windows.

If this is done properly you should not have any problems with the bugs at all.

You should not have any problems with killing them this way because it is not lethal to the bugs.

All you need to do is cut a piece of the tape to fit over the window and then put a few feet of the tape over the area of bug infestation.

This should seal off your home from the bugs. If you are really serious about solving your bed bug problem then this method should work very well for you.

Remember that there are many methods that you can use to get rid of these bugs, but they are not all equally effective.

Sometimes chemicals are needed to get rid of an insect pest problem.

If you have tried chemicals to solve your bug problem and they did not work then it may be necessary to use a natural method.

If you use a natural method to solve your bed bug problem you will never have to worry about killing any bugs, this is a much better alternative to using dangerous chemicals to try to rid yourself of the insects.