Is Bed Bugs Attracted to Cigarette Smoke?

Is Bed Bugs Attracted to Cigarette Smoke?

cigarette smoke

Are bed bugs attracted to cigarette smoke? No Bed Bugs are do not like Cigarette smoke and actually they stay away from cigarette smoke.
are bed bugs attracted to cigarette smoke

Many will lie under your bed, if you leave the door open at night, but will stay away from the flames

If you have a lot of furniture in your bedroom, you are more likely to have bedbugs than a simple mattress or box spring. 

You should also take note that these bugs are attracted by body heat, and not just the light from a flame.

Bed Bugs Are Not Attracted to Cigarette Smoke, But Rather They Are Attracted to a Body Heat Source

bed bugs are not drawn or attracted to cigarette smoke

Bed bugs are not attracted to cigarette smoke, but rather they are attracted to a body heat source, such as being close to an open flame. 

Cigarette smoke is a number of times more toxic than other smoke sources. 

  • There is an assumption that bed bugs are attracted to the light, but they are not drawn by it, but instead they are attracted by human skin contact, blood and saliva. 
  • You might be familiar with the term “smokey eye” because these bugs will only lay their eggs on human skin, including their bite site. 
  • They will then crawl towards a warm area such as the chest and if you are in close proximity, they will lay their eggs on your body.
  • One of the reasons why these bugs have a tendency to become a pest in houses is because people will leave clothes, luggage and other items lying around in their house without putting them away properly, such as in a cupboard drawer. 

This leaves bed bugs exposed to warm areas. Therefore, a good way to keep them out of your house is to regularly dust your furniture and clean your curtains. If you find them anywhere else, they will likely lay their eggs there too.

However, it is important to remember that they are very resistant to pesticides, so it may take a few weeks to completely rid your home of them. 

  • Bed bug spray is one option that most exterminators recommend for getting rid of these little pests, although there are many home remedies that may be as effective. 
  • One of these methods involves using Lysol on the infested area to kill the bedbugs. 
  • Another is using a mixture of baking soda and water mixed together to spray onto the affected area. 

Be sure to read all directions on the product to ensure that you use the correct method of applying the product.

Smoking Bed Bugs Makes You High?

Smoking bed bugs does not cause hallucinations

Smoking bed bugs do not cause hallucinations in people who smoke. It is a fact that smoking is very dangerous to your health. 

For this reason many people are trying to quit smoking as soon as possible. 

However, quitting smoking does not mean you have to give up the bed bug and all of the other horrible things that it can bring. 

You can get rid of them with the following techniques.

Bed Bugs – Are They Only Attracted to Carbon Dioxide Emitted by Sleeping Person?

There are people who think that bed bugs only attracted to the carbon dioxide emitted from the sleeping body of a person. 

The fact is that some of them are also attracted by the blood circulation that is produced in the body.

Insects are attracted to the warmth, the moisture and the warmth of the body. 

The warmth and moisture can be caused by the presence of a body, which is warm and moist. 

The moisture can also be caused by the presence of body creams or body lotions on the body. 

The presence of a body can cause the moisture level to rise in the body causing the insects to be attracted to it.

The fact is that bed bugs are attracted to the presence of human skin. 

The human skin is also covered with a thin layer of hair. Some people have more hairs than others. 

If the hair is not washed or removed then it will accumulate on the body and could be the source of the warmth. 

Another factor that attracts the bugs is the blood flow in the body. A blood flow in the body is the cause of the insects to seek out warm places like the body.

Cigarette Smoke Masking Smell – Smoker Sweats Can Mask the Normal ‘Human’ Smell of Sweat

Smokers find that their normal ‘human’ smell of sweat is completely masked by the intense smell of cigarette smoke. Many people may think this is just a cosmetic issue because they can not see the physical symptoms of smoking but it’s not. 

It can also prevent smokers from getting rid of excess body odour so they have to cope with the smell on an emotional level and this is often difficult for those who have no problem getting rid of that bad smell in the morning or even a week later.

Cigarettes can mask the normal ‘human’ smell of sweat by drying the body out which in turn causes the sweat glands to work harder and in more efficient amounts. Smoking also deodorizes the skin, which is why some people notice a noticeable difference after smoking a cigarette. As well as being bad for the body, cigarette smoke is bad for your breath

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