Many Believe Bed Bug Infestations Are Caused By Filth – Do You?

Is Bed Bugs a Sign of Being Dirty?

Are bed bugs a sign of being dirty

One of the biggest myths that you will find around is that bed bugs are only found in bed linens.

The truth is that bed bugs are in nearly everything.

They are only found in those places where there are other people like your bedding and clothing.

In fact, one of the signs of being dirty is when you have had an infestation of bed bugs.

This may seem very strange to you, but one of the reasons that this is one of the most popular belief is because it gives you time to do something about it.

I mean it is not like they come out of nowhere and you cannot see them there for a long period of time.

The truth is that bed bugs can live anywhere from up to six months and they are easily the easiest bug to spread around.

If you have a lot of clothing that has been infested you will probably have them as well.

Also, if you do not clean your linens very often they can live on them for quite some time.

You should try and prevent the spread of bed bugs by washing everything that you own every single day.

After you wash your bedding you want to be sure that you put on deodorant and perfume to help protect it from the elements.

Try washing all of your bed linens every single day to avoid spreading the bed bug.

After they have been infested you should try and get rid of them in the safest way possible.

One way to do this is to purchase a special cleaner.

This will allow you to get rid of them without having to worry about getting them back again.

One way to keep bed bugs from coming back is to wear them away from your skin.

There are many that believe a bed bug infestation is caused by filth but this is a misconception.

These bugs are not drawn to decay.

They can live in any environment, as long as they have access to their food source. Understanding this is vital in preventing a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs?are blood-eating insects.

They require blood to breed and blood meals to survive; but unlike?mosquitoes, they can’t fly to get to their food.

And, unlike?ticks, they don’t have the convenience of living on a host.

Bed bugs must find another way to get the food they need.

So, these bugs hide near their food source and wait until it is safe to come out and feed.

At first, it is hard to see bed bugs because they are as small as the tip of a pen, and they have a transparent skin.

But, once they get to their adult size, it is hard to miss these bugs, unless the environment they have chosen is cluttered enough to conceal them.

They aren’t drawn to clutter, but clutter will help these bugs avoid detection longer.

This has given rise to the belief that bed bugs are drawn to filthy places, but filth and clutter are not the cause of bed bugs.

These bugs can live in the cleanest and neatest of environments.

It is just more difficult for them to continue to avoid detection.

So, what causes bed bugs? The most apparent cause of bed bugs is a lack of awareness.

The more you know about bed bugs, the greater success you will have in keeping them out of your home or business.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bedbugs dwell almost exclusively with humans, and they can be found all over the world and in all 50 states. While it is often assumed that they come from hotels and motels, the list of places bed bugs have been found is much more extensive. Here are a few places bed bugs can come from:

  • Buses, trains, planes, cruise liners, and taxi cabs.
  • Office buildings.
  • City Hall.
  • Colleges and universities.
  • Fire Stations.
  • Nursing homes.
  • High schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.
  • Federal buildings.
  • Police stations.
  • A friend’s house.
  • The home of a family member.
  • Your workplace.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs. They can hitch a ride anywhere and at any time, but there are some places you should look more closely for them.

  • If you spend the night in a hotel, motel, or resort, no matter how clean and well kept, be sure to do an inspection for bed bugs. While these are not the only places you’ll pick bed bugs up, they are at the top of the list.
  • If you use public transportation, be sure to keep an eye out for these bugs as well as the signs they leave.
  • When guests come to stay at your home, they may bring bed bugs with them without knowing. The bugs could come from their home or they could have picked them up while traveling. A good precaution is to wash all their bedding on the hottest temperature once they have departed.
  • When your kids visit a friend’s house, they could bring bed bugs home with them. Knowing how to identify bed bugs and their eggs can prevent an infestation. Examine all items brought back into the house, especially the seams.
  • Bed bugs can come home with you from work. If you know what bed bug bites look like, you may recognize the threat before you bring it home. The bites from bed bugs are usually in a line or a cluster and are often surrounded by a rash.
  • If you pick up used furniture from the side of the road or purchase some second hand, it is important to examine them closely for black streaks, shed insect casings, and blood stains. Bed bugs don’t just hide in beds.
  • If you go to a public place, always be on the lookout for bed bugs and the signs they leave, such as a locker room smell, black fecal deposits, insect shells, and blood staining.

Can You Get Bed Bugs If Your House Is Clean?

If you want to travel in a very comfortable way, there are various resorts where you can find beds and mattresses that are not covered with bugs.

Bed bugs are very common and the city of New York has witnessed the biggest outbreak of bed bugs in the world.

The problem of bed bugs can be solved using

  • vacuum cleaners,
  • paper bags,
  • plastic bags and
  • the vacuum cleaner dust extractors.

If you want to travel in an efficient manner without any hassles, then you can also do so using such devices which will help you travel in a stress free way.

Can you get bed bugs if your house is clean

If you are traveling to a friend’s house, there is no doubt that you will stay in the very best hotels and resorts.

In such a case, you can get bed bugs in your friend’s house by staying there for a night or two.

However, to get rid of them, you can go for different methods like washing clothes in water, freezing your clothes in air tight bags, and cleaning them with paper bags.

You can also use cloths that are used for other purposes.

Such methods will not make your room dusty and your room will be absolutely dust free.

You can also look for different sources from where you can get clothes that are dry and bug free. There are many resorts that are equipped with all facilities like kitchen where you can eat for cheap, and the toilets, laundry rooms and the dining room.

Before going to any hotel or resort, you should study the policies regarding the sharing of rooms and how it is possible to get bed bugs.

One should try to minimize the number of people who stay in the same room as he or she, or one should try to share a room with someone.

However, if your house is very clean, then you can be sure that you will never get such problems in future.

However, the main idea behind the research on such diseases is to avoid bed bugs.

Bed Bugs: Where Does Bed Bugs Hiding on Your Body?

In answer to the question, “Where do bed bugs hide on your body?” is that bedbugs are not known to survive outside in a warm moist environment.

The reason for this is they can only live for a short period of time in a cool and dry area.

Therefore if you cannot see the bugs, and you have an area with moist and a lot of hair, chances are that you are infected with bed bugs.

However, the hair will only be present for a period of three to four weeks.

Once the hair has been removed from the mattress and the cover of the mattress, it is important to look for signs of where the bugs are hiding at different spots of your body.

For example, the most common areas where you will find bed bugs hiding is on your neck and legs.

To find these areas, you should stand in front of the mirror and look down, near your navel, near your waist, and around your face, and also up your back and along your backside.

You should also watch out for other tell-tale signs such as, scratching or biting, or any noticeable behavior, such as, crawling, walking, or sitting in one spot for a long period of time.

Another way to find the location of where bed bugs hide on your body is to try to rub some cream into the part of your body where you believe the bugs are hiding.

Once you feel something soft, you should put a tissue and wriggle it under your fingernail. In addition, if the bugs are crawling around on your skin, you should use a tweezer to pick them off.

Important Cleaning Tips on How Do I Clean My House After Bed Bugs

You need to be very careful and I’m going to give you some simple but very important cleaning tips on how do I clean my house after bed bugs.

The first thing that you have to remember is that before you clean you should know exactly what bugs are going to be in your home.

When I say “bugs” I don’t mean a cockroach, but instead, the bloodsuckers that carry it and move it around.

After you know which bugs are in your home, then you can clean your home with confidence.

Here are the steps on how do I clean my house after bed bugs.

  • When you first start to clean your home, all you should do is spray the corners with a pesticide.
  • Bed bugs love dark corners and they like any place that they can hide.
  • When spraying the corners of your home make sure you get the bugs off the walls and floors as well.
  • You can either kill the bugs by spraying them with pesticides or poison.
  • Both are perfectly safe and effective. However, if you’re trying to kill them for the rest of the entire home, poison might be your best bet.
  • If you want to know how do I clean my house after bed bugs, you need to know that the way you will get rid of the bugs is to kill them.

However, in order to kill them, you will need to get them out of your home, and kill them.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t cover them up.

That is why many people make the mistake of spraying pesticides onto the walls and floors because of the fact that once the pesticide dries, the bugs still live inside.

The easiest way to get rid of them is to apply pesticide to the bugs themselves, not the walls and floors.