Many Believe Bed Bug Infestations Are Caused By Filth – Do You?

Is Bed Bugs a Sign of Being Dirty?

Are bed bugs a sign of being dirty

One of the biggest myths that you will find around is that bed bugs are only found in bed linens.

The truth is that bed bugs are in nearly everything.

They are only found in those places where there are other people like your bedding and clothing.

In fact, one of the signs of being dirty is when you have had an infestation of bed bugs.

This may seem very strange to you, but one of the reasons that this is one of the most popular belief is because it gives you time to do something about it.

I mean it is not like they come out of nowhere and you cannot see them there for a long period of time.

The truth is that bed bugs can live anywhere from up to six months and they are easily the easiest bug to spread around.

If you have a lot of clothing that has been infested you will probably have them as well.

Also, if you do not clean your linens very often they can live on them for quite some time.

You should try and prevent the spread of bed bugs by washing everything that you own every single day.

After you wash your bedding you want to be sure that you put on deodorant and perfume to help protect it from the elements.

Try washing all of your bed linens every single day to avoid spreading the bed bug.

After they have been infested you should try and get rid of them in the safest way possible.

One way to do this is to purchase a special cleaner.

This will allow you to get rid of them without having to worry about getting them back again.

One way to keep bed bugs from coming back is to wear them away from your skin.

There are many that believe a bed bug infestation is caused by filth but this is a misconception.

These bugs are not drawn to decay.

They can live in any environment, as long as they have access to their food source. Understanding this is vital in preventing a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs are blood-eating insects.

They require blood to breed and blood meals to survive; but unlike mosquitoes, they can’t fly to get to their food.

And, unlike ticks, they don’t have the convenience of living on a host.

Bed bugs must find another way to get the food they need.

So, these bugs hide near their food source and wait until it is safe to come out and feed.

At first, it is hard to see bed bugs because they are as small as the tip of a pen, and they have a transparent skin.

But, once they get to their adult size, it is hard to miss these bugs, unless the environment they have chosen is cluttered enough to conceal them.

They aren’t drawn to clutter, but clutter will help these bugs avoid detection longer.

This has given rise to the belief that bed bugs are drawn to filthy places, but filth and clutter are not the cause of bed bugs.

These bugs can live in the cleanest and neatest of environments.

It is just more difficult for them to continue to avoid detection.

So, what causes bed bugs? The most apparent cause of bed bugs is a lack of awareness.

The more you know about bed bugs, the greater success you will have in keeping them out of your home or business.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bedbugs dwell almost exclusively with humans, and they can be found all over the world and in all 50 states. While it is often assumed that they come from hotels and motels, the list of places bed bugs have been found is much more extensive. Here are a few places bed bugs can come from:

  • Buses, trains, planes, cruise liners, and taxi cabs.
  • Office buildings.
  • City Hall.
  • Colleges and universities.
  • Fire Stations.
  • Nursing homes.
  • High schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.
  • Federal buildings.
  • Police stations.
  • A friend’s house.
  • The home of a family member.
  • Your workplace.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs. They can hitch a ride anywhere and at any time, but there are some places you should look more closely for them.

  • If you spend the night in a hotel, motel, or resort, no matter how clean and well kept, be sure to do an inspection for bed bugs. While these are not the only places you’ll pick bed bugs up, they are at the top of the list.
  • If you use public transportation, be sure to keep an eye out for these bugs as well as the signs they leave.
  • When guests come to stay at your home, they may bring bed bugs with them without knowing. The bugs could come from their home or they could have picked them up while traveling. A good precaution is to wash all their bedding on the hottest temperature once they have departed.
  • When your kids visit a friend’s house, they could bring bed bugs home with them. Knowing how to identify bed bugs and their eggs can prevent an infestation. Examine all items brought back into the house, especially the seams.
  • Bed bugs can come home with you from work. If you know what bed bug bites look like, you may recognize the threat before you bring it home. The bites from bed bugs are usually in a line or a cluster and are often surrounded by a rash.
  • If you pick up used furniture from the side of the road or purchase some second hand, it is important to examine them closely for black streaks, shed insect casings, and blood stains. Bed bugs don’t just hide in beds.
  • If you go to a public place, always be on the lookout for bed bugs and the signs they leave, such as a locker room smell, black fecal deposits, insect shells, and blood staining.

Can You Get Bed Bugs If Your House Is Clean?

If you want to travel in a very comfortable way, there are various resorts where you can find beds and mattresses that are not covered with bugs.

Bed bugs are very common and the city of New York has witnessed the biggest outbreak of bed bugs in the world.

The problem of bed bugs can be solved using

  • vacuum cleaners,
  • paper bags,
  • plastic bags and
  • the vacuum cleaner dust extractors.

If you want to travel in an efficient manner without any hassles, then you can also do so using such devices which will help you travel in a stress free way.

Can you get bed bugs if your house is clean

If you are traveling to a friend’s house, there is no doubt that you will stay in the very best hotels and resorts.

In such a case, you can get bed bugs in your friend’s house by staying there for a night or two.

However, to get rid of them, you can go for different methods like washing clothes in water, freezing your clothes in air tight bags, and cleaning them with paper bags.

You can also use cloths that are used for other purposes.

Such methods will not make your room dusty and your room will be absolutely dust free.

You can also look for different sources from where you can get clothes that are dry and bug free. There are many resorts that are equipped with all facilities like kitchen where you can eat for cheap, and the toilets, laundry rooms and the dining room.

Before going to any hotel or resort, you should study the policies regarding the sharing of rooms and how it is possible to get bed bugs.

One should try to minimize the number of people who stay in the same room as he or she, or one should try to share a room with someone.

However, if your house is very clean, then you can be sure that you will never get such problems in future.

However, the main idea behind the research on such diseases is to avoid bed bugs.

Bed Bugs: Where Does Bed Bugs Hiding on Your Body?

In answer to the question, “Where do bed bugs hide on your body?” is that bedbugs are not known to survive outside in a warm moist environment.

The reason for this is they can only live for a short period of time in a cool and dry area.

Therefore if you cannot see the bugs, and you have an area with moist and a lot of hair, chances are that you are infected with bed bugs.

However, the hair will only be present for a period of three to four weeks.

Once the hair has been removed from the mattress and the cover of the mattress, it is important to look for signs of where the bugs are hiding at different spots of your body.

For example, the most common areas where you will find bed bugs hiding is on your neck and legs.

To find these areas, you should stand in front of the mirror and look down, near your navel, near your waist, and around your face, and also up your back and along your backside.

You should also watch out for other tell-tale signs such as, scratching or biting, or any noticeable behavior, such as, crawling, walking, or sitting in one spot for a long period of time.

Another way to find the location of where bed bugs hide on your body is to try to rub some cream into the part of your body where you believe the bugs are hiding.

Once you feel something soft, you should put a tissue and wriggle it under your fingernail. In addition, if the bugs are crawling around on your skin, you should use a tweezer to pick them off.

Important Cleaning Tips on How Do I Clean My House After Bed Bugs

You need to be very careful and I’m going to give you some simple but very important cleaning tips on how do I clean my house after bed bugs.

The first thing that you have to remember is that before you clean you should know exactly what bugs are going to be in your home.

When I say “bugs” I don’t mean a cockroach, but instead, the bloodsuckers that carry it and move it around.

After you know which bugs are in your home, then you can clean your home with confidence.

Here are the steps on how do I clean my house after bed bugs.

  • When you first start to clean your home, all you should do is spray the corners with a pesticide.
  • Bed bugs love dark corners and they like any place that they can hide.
  • When spraying the corners of your home make sure you get the bugs off the walls and floors as well.
  • You can either kill the bugs by spraying them with pesticides or poison.
  • Both are perfectly safe and effective. However, if you’re trying to kill them for the rest of the entire home, poison might be your best bet.
  • If you want to know how do I clean my house after bed bugs, you need to know that the way you will get rid of the bugs is to kill them.

However, in order to kill them, you will need to get them out of your home, and kill them.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t cover them up.

That is why many people make the mistake of spraying pesticides onto the walls and floors because of the fact that once the pesticide dries, the bugs still live inside.

The easiest way to get rid of them is to apply pesticide to the bugs themselves, not the walls and floors.

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How to Check Hotel For Bed Bugs Video

How to Check Hotel For Bed Bugs Video

How to check hotel for bed bugs video can be quite difficult if you don’t know exactly what to look for.

This is why you want to know how to check hotel for bed bugs video.

This can provide you with enough information to get the job done.

If you are going to do this yourself, it’s going to take a bit of time and effort on your part.

However, if you know where to look and how to use the tools provided in a video, you will not have any problems whatsoever.

how to check hotel for bed bugs video

There are many people that do not like to read, so when they are trying to learn how to check hotel for bed bugs, they may not get it.

But this doesn’t mean that they cannot get it, all they need to do is watch.

Because of this, you may have trouble finding it on the web.

While their names may imply that bed bugs can only be found on your bed that simply isn’t the case.

  • You can find bed bugs everywhere in the room where their host sleeps.
  • They like to tuck away in spaces out of sight and out of reach, such as between baseboards, floorboards and the edge of the carpet.
  • It’s also common to find bed bugs tucked away in close to furniture like nightstands, dressers everyplaces.
  • If the room has tile floors, shine a flashlight along any cracks or spaces between floor panels.

Remember, a bed bug has a very flat body that can hide anywhere a credit card can fit. Use a bank card or something similar to scrape along cracks and crevices to attempt and dig out anything that might be hiding in them.

  • As a last measure, check any hanging picture frames or other very good decorations.
  • Pull the cushions off any sofas or love seats in the area and check their seams for warning signs.
  • If you found any convincing signs of bed bug activity, the time to act is now!

You can start by treating and isolating the bed, then move on to nearby furniture and other cracks and crevices in the room.

Our 4-step solution describes how you can hit every probable hiding place with valuable chemical and no chemical methods.

How to Check For Bed Bugs – Find Out How to Check For Bed Bugs

how to check for bed bugs

If you’ve been trying to find out how to check for bed bugs but have no luck, there are a few things you can do.

First, be cautious with who you let into your home. Check in your neighbors and check on family members.

You never know when they might have a bed bug infestation.

One thing you should always do is have your windows, doors, and the inside of your walls professionally checked and if you are going to rent a home, make sure that the landlord is informed that you’re trying to find out how to check for bed bugs.

For those who live in apartments or condos, there are also things you can do if you want to know how to check for bed bugs.

Many apartments and condos have sprays or bug sprays that you can use.

However, there is another way to be more proactive about finding out how to check for bed bugs.

  • The best way to do this is to have a home light detector in place.
  • This allows you to know when bed bugs have invaded your home and when you should call a professional exterminator.
  • Keep in mind that if you see any signs of a bed bug infestation in your home, be sure to report them to the pest control company as soon as possible.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to check for bed bugs but haven’t been getting any results, try the tips above.

Be sure to have your windows, doors, and the inside of your walls professionally checked as well.

Doing these steps will give you the best chance of having an easy time in finding out how to check for bed bugs and get rid of them once and for all.

What to Do If You Find Yourself With Bed Bugs in Hotels

bed bugs hotels what to do

Bed bugs hotels are one of the biggest causes of fear among hotel guests.

Most hotel guests think that every hotel has bed bugs and is a haven for bed bugs infestation.

So if you are planning to visit a certain hotel or resort and you think you have bed bugs in your room, there are several things you can do to prevent them from infesting your hotel room.

The first thing you can do is to take the responsibility of knowing what to do in case you find yourself with bed bugs in your room. If you learn how to take care of bed bugs in hotels then you can avoid being a victim of these insects again.

The first thing you should do if you find yourself with bed bugs in your hotel room is to keep the room clean.

Bed bugs hate cleanliness and if they feel you have touched their dirty skin, they will be attracted to you and come out of their hiding places.

  • Try to place some bedbugs repellents in your luggage.
  • Don’t leave any trace of evidence of infestation such as using a towel, jewelry, or room decorations.
  • Also, put a lid on your furniture whenever you leave your room so that they won’t get to your luggage and infest it.

These are all basic things you can do to prevent these pests from coming into your room and eventually infesting your belongings.

After knowing how to take care of bed bugs in hotels, you have to be more careful in taking care of your personal belongings.

  • Do not take too many clothing from your suitcase to save money.
  • There are bed bugs that feed on human blood and without the blood, they won’t survive.
  • Try to keep your clothes out of your suitcase so that you won’t put yourself in danger of getting these pests.
  • If you find that you cannot bear the thought of going through this ordeal, you can always take some disposable plastic sheeting to cover your suitcase.

But do not take so much of it that you will have to use plastic sheeting every day.

How to Claim Hotel Bed Bugs Compensation

hotel bed bugs compensation

Hotel bed bugs can cause you a lot of trouble.

They are not a common occurrence, but when they do occur, it can leave you very worried and feeling that you are on your own.

Thankfully, if you find yourself being in the position of having a bed bug infestation, then you have options available to you in order to get the compensation that you deserve.

  • These options range from filing a lawsuit against the person who owns the hotel or motel, to taking matters into your own hands by cleaning the hotel yourself.
  • If you find yourself needing to make a claim of this type, then you need to understand that it is possible to file a lawsuit to get your money back.

As previously mentioned, most hotel bed bugs are a common occurrence.

However, there is nothing wrong with calling the person responsible for the bed bug infestation and claiming the damages that you are owed.

This way, you will not only get the amount of money that you deserve, but you will also be able to avoid having to pay for all of the bed bug infestation’s associated expenses as well.

So, how to claim hotel bed bugs compensation?

  • Take steps to remove the infestation by calling the hotel owner and gathering all of the paperwork that is necessary.
  • This includes invoices, receipts, and other documentation to help you get your hotel bed bugs compensation, and hopefully prevent the infestation from occurring again.

What Are Chances by Percentage of Getting Bed Bugs From Hotel?

chances of getting bed bugs from hotel

If you’re wondering what are chances by percentage of getting bed bugs from the hotel, this is the right place to find information on that.

When the room service is not available, most of the hotels do provide free bedbug sprays to their guests.

However, it is necessary for one to read carefully the instructions provided by the hotel before using these products as they may contain some harmful chemicals and other dangerous substances.

The information given below will help you know how to use these products effectively.

The most important thing that one should do is to read the labels carefully before applying the product.

This will make sure that the chemicals used in the sprays do not have any harmful effects on your skin.

One of the most common ways to be able to determine the chances of getting bed bugs from the hotel is to look at the bed linens that your guests are using.

The bed linens may be dirty or dusty and this can cause a dust all over the bed.

The dust may stay there for several hours or even days.

If you see it happens frequently on your guests’ bed, it is very possible that the bedbugs are already infesting the bed linens.

Once you have identified the bed linens, you should immediately begin looking for bed bug products which can help you get rid of the bed bugs.

The sprays that one should purchase will differ from one another.

  • It is best if you buy a small amount so that you will be able to use it several times before you run out of it.
  • The next thing that you should do is to keep the dust off the bed.
  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner to take care of this.
  • Just remember that it is important that you wipe it clean as soon as possible.
  • The next thing that you should do is to inspect the mattress of your guest rooms.
  • If you see that there are several eggs on the mattress, it is very likely that you will get bed bugs from hotel.
  • The last thing that you should do is to wait for the bed bugs to hatch.
  • They can hatch at any time, so you must be able to detect them at the moment they do so.

How to Take Care of Bed Bugs in Hotel My Rights

My rights as a guest is very important and I will take care of the bed bugs as much as I can.

I am not comfortable and it may be one of the reasons that I am very picky about the hotels that I decide to stay at.

If I stay in a hotel that is infested with bed bugs, then I will not sleep there ever again.

The bed bugs are very small and they move slowly so that when you touch them with your hands, they will not bite you.

  • As soon as I see that the hotel is infested with bed bugs, I will get the owner of the hotel to make sure that all the hotel rooms in the hotel are cleaned.
  • I will take a picture of the affected areas with my digital camera and I will also take the same photograph of the cleanliness of the hotel in case it is needed.
  • This will show that the hotel owner is really concerned about the bed bugs and also, it shows me that they are serious about the cleanliness of the hotel.
  • They should make sure that all their furniture is thoroughly cleaned and this way, they will have fewer bugs to worry about.
  • Another way to prevent bed bugs from entering a hotel is to keep the bed clean at all times.
  • However, even if you are staying in a hotel that is not infested with bed bugs, you should make sure that the hotel is cleaned once a week.
  • The hotels should try their best to make sure that the carpet is vacuumed at least once every week.
  • After they vacuum the carpet, you should not walk on it for at least two days until the vacuum cleaner is totally dry.
  • Do not put any bed sheets in the bed, because these items can harbor bed bugs and make the problem even worse.

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Bed Bug Trap

A lot of people think that only insecticides & sprays that can effectively get rid of bed bugs. There are other less dangerous ways of getting rid of these pests. Many people now use a bed bug trap to kill these small pests.

These little suckers are evil and can hide successfully in corners, mattresses & furniture. Bed bugs only come out at nighttime so to effectively lure them out into the open you must search for them during the day to see where they are hiding.

Once you discover the pests hide out, set your alarm clock at nighttime. The most effective hour would be 3 am when they are most active you. Then by the use of a napkin and flashlight grab the bed bug and place it in a bottle. Soak them in gasoline to ensure that the pests are effectively killed.

Another effective bed bug trap that you can use is a double sided tape. By search for their eggs at daytime you will be able to identify where they are hiding. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to get rid of this warm-blooded creature. Of course just to make sure that you get all of them you may use a double sided tape and attach it on all four legs of the bed. Bugs will stick to tape in attempting to climb up.

In using these tricks, you are going to need lots of patience. A bed bug trap is non-toxic but it requires determinations, time and effort on your part. Enjoy bed bug hunting and make your house free from these irritating pests!

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Bed Bugs And Canine Inspections

Bed Bugs

Preying on you when you are most vulnerable, bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of human hosts.

Although bed bugs have made a strong comeback in recent years, history tells us that they have been afflicting humans since 400 BC.

Today, bed bugs continue to plague Americans as well as numerous other peoples throughout the world.

  • While bed bugs are primarily active at night, they are willing to feed whenever a food source (human blood) is available.
  • Much like a mosquito, a bed bug will bit a human host and inject a numbing agent which makes difficult for a human to feel that he or she has been bitten.
  • Reactions to the bites vary depending on the house; some will see visible signs, specifically several welts in a row that are often very itchy.
  • Others, however, have no reaction at all. It is important to note that reactions can take up to 2 weeks to appear on the skin which can make it very difficult to determine when and where the problem started.
  • While bed bugs prefer to feed every5 to 10 days, they are able to live for over 1 year without feeding on a host. This hiberatin occurs when ideal feeding conditions are not met.

Bed Bugs are not always easily identifiable as they appear in different shapes and sizes throughout their life cycle.

Eggs are extraordinarily small and translucent in color.

Nymphs are tiny and range from translucent to light tan in color.

Adults are typically tan to a dark red color and are compared to the size of an apple seed.

For a bed bug to molt and enter its next stage or life, it must feed on a human host.

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Bed Bug Prevention

Because it is so difficult to try and prevent bed bugs from entering a living area, the best thing to do is educate you.

Know the signs that indicate the presence of bed bugs and be vigilant when you visit a friend’s house, hotel, shelter, movie theater, store, and just about anywhere else you go.

Know the types of stains that bed bugs leave behind and where they are most likely to hide.

Some of the most obvious signs include their fecal matter, which are black spots that resemble specs of black pepper, and tiny red dots on sheets or mattresses which are blood stains.

Do not put any of your clothes in bureaus at a friend’s house or a hotel room.

When you arrive home, place all of your belongings into your dryer at the hottest temperature possible for approximately 20 minutes; this will kill any unwanted visitors who may have been brought home with you.

Bed Bug Treatments

Steam and Vacuum Service
One option to eradicate bed bugs is a steam and vacuum DIY.

In addition to being an eco-friendly treatment, it is also a safer option as there are no chemicals involved.

Although this is a time consuming and invasive treatment, it is highly effective.

Bed Bug Prevention

Being proactive plays a large part in the early identification of a bed bug issue and ridding yourself of these intrusive pests, and, perhaps, even avoiding a problem altogether.

Bed bug detection canines, are very helpful when trying to determine if you are currently having a problem with bed bugs, regardless of whether it is a small or large infestation.

Employing the use of Climb-Up Interceptors is a great way to monitor high risk areas for bed bugs, particularly if you have previously had a problem with the insects.

Climb-Up Interceptors are circular cups that are placed under the feet/posts of your beds, chairs, tables, and anything else that you may have a concern about and they can be left under the posts forever.

This is only a monitoring device, however.

There is no chemical in the cups; they are simply a tool to help you identify if you have a bedbug problem.

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Meet the Bed Bugs

Habits and Traits of Bed Bugs

A pest of the past? Not anymore. Bed bugs are making a comeback. People associate this biting pest with filthy living conditions, but bed bugs are just as likely to live in clean, uncluttered homes.

Get to know the habits and traits of the common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, so you will recognize this nuisance insect.

Bed bugs are also sometimes called bed lice, mahogany flats, redcoats, and wall lice.

Habits and Traits of Bed Bugs


The adult bed bug is oval, flat and only about a 1/4-inch long. They lack wings, so you won’t see them flying around your bedroom. Bed bugs use a proboscis to penetrate the skin of their host. Adults are brown, but appear reddish-brown when engorged with blood.

Young bed bugs look like smaller versions of their parents. First stage nymphs are colorless; with each molt, the nymph darkens. White eggs measure less than one millimeter in length and may be laid singly or in clusters of up to 50 eggs.

Although you won’t usually see bed bug activity during daylight hours, you may see other signs of bed bugs. As nymphs molt, they leave behind their shedding skin, which accumulates as the population rises. Bed bug excrement appears as dark spots, and crushed bed bugs will leave bloody marks on bed linens.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Cimicidae
Genus: Cimex
Species: lectularius


Bed bugs feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. They usually feed at night, often on people asleep in bed and unaware of the insects biting them.


A few bed bugs can become a large infestation quickly. One female bed bug may produce up to 500 offspring during its lifetime, and three generations can live per year.

Imagine how many bed bugs you’d have in a year if just one reproductive pair finds its way into your home. As with any pest, knowing its life cycle will help you eliminate it.

Egg: The female lays her eggs, usually in clusters of less than 50. She uses a sticky substance to glue her eggs to rough surfaces. Eggs hatch in one to two weeks.
Nymph: The nymph must consume a blood meal before it can molt. It molts 5 times to reach adulthood. In warmer temperatures, the nymph stage may last just three weeks; in cooler temperatures, nymphs may take many months to mature.
Adult: Adult bed bugs live about 10 months, though some may live substantially longer.


Bed bugs locate their warm-blooded hosts by detecting exhaled carbon dioxide. The hungry pests can also sense warmth and moisture from the bodies of potential victims. Once the bed bug pierces the skin of a human or another host, it injects salivary fluid to prevent blood from clotting as it drinks. This fluid may cause an itchy, allergic reaction on the skin of the victim. Bed bugs have a habit of leaving several bites in a line along their host.


Bed bugs hide in the folds, crevices, and seams of upholstered furniture and mattresses.

They depend on humans, pets, or other animals for their food, so a suitable host must be available for regular blood meals. Once these pests find a meal ticket, they move in for good.

Cimex lectularius lives in temperate climates, especially in the north. Bed bugs infestations are on the rise in North America, Europe, and Central Asia.

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10 Myths About Bed Bugs

Everything You Think You Know About Bed Bugs Is Wrong

Though bed bugs are within the news lots in recent years, there is a surprising quantity of misinformation floating around about these blood-sucking ectoparasites. how much does one realize bed bugs?


With such lot news concerning bed bug infestations, you would possibly immediately assume bed bugs are the culprit if you rouse with mysterious bites on your skin.

Don’t panic! First of all, quite few different arthropods may well be the reason behind your bite marks, as well as fleas, mites, or maybe bat bugs. Also, several medical conditions cause symptoms that look the same as bug bites.

If the marks persist however you do not find signs of an infestation, it would be worth a visit to your doctor.


If you are the only one in your house wakening with bites, that does not exclude bed bugs because the cause. people react to bed bug bites otherwise, even as they are doing with mosquito bites or different insect bites.

It’s extremely a matter of however your body reacts to the bed bug saliva when you are bitten. 2 people can sleep on an equivalent bed bug infested mattress, and one will wake up with none signs of being bitten whereas the opposite is roofed in bite marks.


It’s true that bed bugs are pretty little insects; however they don’t seem to be microscopic.

If you recognize wherever to seem for them, you’ll be able to definitely see them while not the aid of a magnifier. The bed bug nymph is roughly the size of a poppy seed, and grows larger from there. Bed bug adults measure slightly larger than 1/8th of an in., or concerning the size of an apple seed or a lentil. The eggs, that are simply the size of a pinhead, are going to be harder to check while not magnification.


Bed bugs do not care however neat and tidy your home is, nor do they care if you are the best housekeeper on the block.

As long as you have got blood pumping through your veins to provide them with a meal, bed bugs can mirthfully take up residence in your home.

A similar rule holds true for hotels and resorts. Whether or not or not a edifice might need bed bugs has nothing to try to to with however clean or dirty the establishment is.

Even a five-star resort will host bed bugs. One thing to stay in mind, however, is that clutter will build it way more difficult to get eliminate bed bugs once they are in your home, because they will have legion places to hide.


It’s true that bed bugs choose to do their dirty work beneath cowl of darkness, however light will not stop a hungry bed bug from biting you.

In desperation, some people try going away all their lights on all night, hoping the bed bugs can keep hidden like cockroaches. All which will do is because you to additional sleep deprived.


Yes, indeed, bed bugs do hide within the seams and crevices of your mattress. Since these nocturnal insects feed on your blood, it’s to their advantage to measure near the place wherever you pay the night.

But that does not mean bed bugs solely sleep in mattresses. Bed bugs inhabit carpets and couches, dressers and closets, and even places you’d never assume to appear, like image frames and switch plate covers. Also, bed bugs are not restricted to living in people’s homes. Bed bugs are turning up in movie theaters, on commuter trains, and alternative places wherever people congregate, too. Bed bugs…they’re not only for beds any longer.


We’re not talking regarding massive bugs here. Bed bugs are pretty little, and their mouths are even smaller.

Bed bug saliva contains a substance that is a light anesthetic, therefore once one bites you, it really will you the favor of numbing your skin first.

It’s totally unlikely that you’d ever feel a bed bug bite once it happens.


Bed bugs are not equipped for jumping.

Bed bugs do not have legs adapted for jumping, like fleas or grasshoppers. Bed bugs do not have wings, either, so that they cannot fly.

They are whole reliant on crawl for locomotion, therefore moving from the ground to the bed needs them to climb up the leg of a bed, or to scale any belongings or furniture you have placed close to the bed.

This may work to your advantage if you are battling bed bugs, as you’ll be able to produce barriers to stay bed bugs from climb onto your bed.

Use double-sided tape on the bed legs, or place them in trays of water. Of course, if your bed spread touches the ground, the bed bugs will still climb into your bed, and bed bugs are glorious to crawl up the wall to the ceiling, and so drop onto the bed.


So far, scientists have found no proof that bed bugs area unit capable of transmittal diseases to human hosts.

For this reason, they are considered a nuisance pest rather than a health threat. once bed bug infestations began to rise within the U.S., many health departments and agencies were slow to reply to complaints regarding bed bugs, because they weren’t thought of a public health issue and resources weren’t allotted for combating them.

However although they do not transmit diseases, bed bugs still cause a health risk.

Some people expertise severe allergic reactions to bed bug bites and other people who are bitten will suffer from secondary infections of the bite sites.

The emotional stress of managing a persistent bed bug infestation may also have a negative impact on your health.


Technically, this is often true.

Under the right conditions, bed bugs are glorious to survive as long as a year whiles not a meal.

Bed bugs, like all insects, area unit cold-blooded, therefore once temperatures drop, their body temperatures also decrease.

If it gets cold enough, the bed bug’s metabolism can slow down, and they will stop feeding quickly.

It’s unlikely that it might ever get cold enough in your home to trigger such long amount of inactivity, though, therefore for practical purposes, this statement is fake.

At normal temperature, the bed bug may go as long as 2-3 months

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The Top 10 Myths About Bed Bug Treatment

Hopefully, you will never be cursed with a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs aren’t easy to get rid of, and you might be tempted to try any tonic you read about online. Unfortunately, many of the bed bug treatment posted on websites are ineffective, and some can even be unsafe.

Should you ever find yourself battling bed bugs, make sure you know the myths & misconceptions about bed bug treatment. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will save you time, money, and stress.


Oh, for an inexpensive and easy answer to the bed bug problem. Unfortunately, there’s no short method Bullet for bed bugs.

Put aside the ecological and health impacts of DDT for an instant, and let’s appearance at however DDT works.

DDT acts by binding to the metal pores of cells, allowing sodium to flood the cells and inflicting the nervous system to fail.

Today, the chemical of selection for bed bugs is pyrethrums, but bed bugs area unit very quickly developing resistance to this category of pesticides.

Do one acumen pyrethrums work? They bind to the sodium pores of cells – a bit like DDT.

Bed bugs with the modification that creates them unbeatable to pyrethrums are even as resistant to treatment with DDT.


Bug bombs, or total area defoggers, release a bug killer into the air in your home.

Most bug bombs do contain pyrethrin, a chemical wont to treat bed bugs, thus you will suppose this product is a good thanks to eliminate a bed bug infestation.

Not so. Initial of all, bed bugs (and alternative crawling insects) usually flee once the pesticide is released, heading for cover within the deepest, most inaccessible crevice of your home.

Second, effective bed bug treatment wants directed applications altogether the places where bed bugs hide – behind molding & casework, within electrical boxes, or within mattresses, for instance.

A bug bomb will not reach these areas adequately to kill all the bed bugs in your home.

In fact, a bug bomb is one amongst the tiniest quantity effective treatments you will use for any insect hassle.


This one falls into the “It Depends” class. In some cases, you will have to be compelled to discard heavily infested furniture items to win the war.

If your mattress is torn or separated at the seams, bed bugs have in all probability enraptured within, creating treatment near impossible.

however even in this case, a decent quality mattress envelopment will often be used as a barrier to trap them within the mattress permanently.

If a pest Control Company will fumigate your home (which is expensive and not continually an option), there is a smart chance your furniture may be saved.

With persistent inspections of your furniture, various vacuuming, and targeted treatments by a professional exterminator, you’ve got a decent chance of keeping your couch and alternative upholstered items. so do not place your furniture on the curb at the primary sign of bed bugs!


In the past few years, variety of pest control companies have started touting their success in using specially trained bed bug sniffing dogs to search out bed bugs.

Companies that use bed bug sniffing dogs might charge between $500 and $1,000 for this detection service, and will claim a hit rate of over ninetieth.

However the reality is, there hasn’t been lots of testing to check if these claims area unit true.

Till recently, the only studies of those claims were worn out very controlled environments, not in world conditions.

In 2011, 2 researchers at Rutgers University did place some bed bug sniffing dogs through their paces in real apartment buildings, and also the results were obscurity close to nearly as good as advertised.


Heat treatments do kill bed bugs effectively; however simply turning up your thermostat isn’t a heat treatment. For this technique to work, your home should be heated to over 120ºF for over AN hour, and everything should be heated to it temperature equally.

That means the voids in exterior walls and therefore the insides of your furniture should reach that temperature ANd keep there for an hour. you only cannot try this by turning up your thermostat.

Knowledgeable heat treatment usually involves enclosing your home and using completely different heat sources in numerous areas of your home to securely raise the temperature throughout the structure.

And no matter you are doing, don’t use a grill, propane heater, or alternative portable heat source to kill bed bugs in your room. people have started fires and exposed themselves to deadly carbon monoxide fumes whereas attempting to treat their own homes with heat.


Just as bed bugs cannot withstand extreme heat, they cannot withstand extreme cold. Temperatures below 32ºF will and do kill bed bugs, however not quickly. To kill the bed bug eggs, your home should stay below freeze for a minimum of a month. And therefore the real trick is in dropping the temperature quickly. If you just shut down your furnace and let the temperature drop, the bed bugs will adapt and get in diapause, waiting till it warms up to become active once more.


How long are you ready to remain at a hotel? It’s true that bed bugs need blood meals to complete their procreative cycles. If they are going too long while not finding a host, they will not survive. At normal room temperatures, though, bed bugs are known to last for 2-3 months or a lot of without a blood meal.

In some conditions, bed bugs will survive a whole year while not uptake. So overall, merely vacating the premises isn’t a really effective strategy for eliminating these pests from your property.


A number of firms build bed bug pad covers, or mattress encasements, that you just will use if you are concerned about bed bugs. Of these covers do is create AN impenetrable barrier to bed bugs round the outside of your mattress. If you have already got bed bugs in your home, any bed bugs living in your mattress are unfree within the quilt permanently, unable to bite you, and that they can eventually die. Any bed bugs elsewhere in your home can still have free access to your bed and to you, though they will not be ready to take up permanent residence within your pad. If you do not nevertheless have bed bugs, bedding can keep the bed bugs out of your mattress, ought to they ever notice their approach into your home. Again, it’ll not keep you from obtaining bed bugs, nor can it keep bed bugs from biting you in your bed.


If it’s not legally considered a pesticide product, it doesn’t require registration with the E.P.A. And if it’s not a registered pesticide with the E.P.A., then any claims made on the label don’t have to be proven with scientific data. Also, keep in mind that how the chemical pesticide is applied makes a difference. For example, some companies market total room foggers (aka bug bombs) that disperse pyrethrin, a chemical that does work on bed bugs.

However, room foggers don’t allow the chemical to reach the places where bed bugs hide, making it a considerably less effective way to treat bed bugs than having a professional pest control specialist use the same chemical in your home.


Unfortunately, a pesticide application is sort of always needed to eliminate bed bugs fully.

A pesticide alone, however, is not aiming to get the task done. you are going to need to try and do a lot of housekeeping and cleanup, as a result of bed bugs will hide anyplace and all over, and pesticides cannot be applied to everything you own.

You will need to get obviate your litter, and launder everything that is washable in plight. You will likely need to do a lot of vacuuming, and ought to steam your carpets and article of furniture.

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