The Ultimate Guide to the Best DIY Pest Control on Reddit

Originally posted on May 28, 2023 @ 12:01 am

In this article, we will be discussing the topic of DIY pest control on the popular social media platform, Reddit. We will be looking at various Reddit threads and posts to find the best DIY pest control methods as suggested by users. Whether you are dealing with ants, roaches, or mice, there are many DIY solutions that you can try at home. By following the advice shared by experienced Redditors, you may be able to effectively control pests without the need for professional help. So, let’s dive into the world of DIY pest control on Reddit and find out what works best!

Understanding the Basics of DIY Pest Control

Pests are a common problem that can be found in every household, no matter how clean and tidy you keep your home. From ants and cockroaches to bed bugs and spiders, pests can cause a lot of trouble and damage to your property. DIY pest control is an effective and affordable way to deal with these pesky critters without having to hire an expensive exterminator. However, before you start with DIY pest control, it is essential to understand the basics of pest control, including:

Pest Identification

The first step in pest control is identifying the type of pest you are dealing with. Different pests require different treatments, and using the wrong treatment can make the problem worse. Identifying the pest will help you determine the most effective and safe way to get rid of it.

Pest Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pest control. Taking proactive measures to prevent pests from entering your home, such as sealing cracks and gaps, keeping your home clean and tidy, and storing food properly, can help reduce the risk of infestations.

Pest Treatment

When you have identified the pest and taken preventive measures, it is time to treat the infestation. DIY pest control methods include using natural remedies, traps, and sprays, among others. It is essential to choose a treatment that is safe and effective for both you and your home.

The Benefits of DIY Pest Control

There are many benefits of DIY pest control, including:

One key takeaway from this text is that understanding the basics of DIY pest control is essential before attempting to get rid of pests. This includes identifying the type of pest, taking preventive measures, and choosing a safe and effective treatment. DIY pest control has many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, safety, and convenience. Reddit provides some of the best DIY pest control methods, such as the use of diatomaceous earth, essential oils, sticky traps, borax, and vinegar.

There are many benefits of DIY pest control, including:


Hiring a professional exterminator can be expensive, especially if you have a severe infestation. DIY pest control methods are affordable and can save you a lot of money.


Using natural remedies and eco-friendly pest control methods is safer for you, your family, and the environment. You do not have to worry about harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause health problems.


DIY pest control methods are convenient, as you can do it yourself without having to schedule appointments with an exterminator.

the best DIY pest control methods on Reddit

Reddit is a great source of information when it comes to DIY pest control methods. Here are some of the best DIY pest control methods on Reddit:

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural and eco-friendly pest control method that is effective against a wide range of pests, including bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches. It is a fine powder made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms. When insects come into contact with diatomaceous earth, it absorbs the waxy coating on their exoskeleton, causing them to dehydrate and die.

Essential Oils

Essential oils, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender, have natural insecticidal properties that are effective against pests. You can use essential oils to make a natural pest spray or add them to your cleaning products to repel insects.

Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are a simple and effective way to trap and kill insects. You can make your sticky traps using glue or purchase pre-made sticky traps for convenience.


Borax is a natural mineral that is effective against ants and cockroaches. You can make a borax bait by mixing borax with sugar and water and placing it in areas where you have seen ants or cockroaches.


Vinegar is a natural and eco-friendly cleaning product that can help repel ants and other pests. You can use vinegar to clean surfaces and floors to eliminate any scent trails that ants may follow.

FAQs on Best DIY Pest Control Reddit

What is DIY pest control?

DIY pest control is the practice of controlling and eliminating pests like bugs, rodents, and other irritating creatures from your home, office, or any other space using homemade techniques and natural remedies. It is a cost-effective method of getting rid of pests that can be done by anyone with the right knowledge and tools.

Why should I choose DIY pest control over professional pest control services?

DIY pest control is a more cost-effective and sustainable solution for pest control. Most of the natural pest control methods suggested in DIY pest control are safe for the environment and do not pose any health hazards to humans and pets when executed correctly. In contrast, professional pest control services use chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and human health.

What are the best DIY pest control methods?

the best DIY pest control methods depend on the type of pest you want to eliminate. Some of the most effective methods for controlling common household pests, such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents, include using essential oils, vinegar, baking soda, and diatomaceous earth. Electronic pest repellers and traps are also great options for pest control.

Can DIY pest control be harmful?

DIY pest control methods are relatively safe when compared to chemical methods used in professional pest control. However, it is vital to read and follow the directions on any product carefully. While natural remedies and products are generally safe, improper use or application can lead to harm to humans or pets. If you are unsure about a product or method, it is recommended that you consult with a professional pest control expert.

Where can I find information about the best DIY pest control on Reddit?

Reddit offers several online communities dedicated to DIY pest control. Some of the popular subreddits include r/pestcontrol, r/HomeImprovement, and r/DIY. These communities have active members who are always ready to offer advice, tips, and help on DIY pest control. You can also find articles, videos, and other resources on the topic through a simple search.