Are Rabbits Rodents? The Answer is No!

Originally posted on June 10, 2023 @ 12:06 am

Welcome to today’s discussion where we will be exploring the question of whether rabbits are classified as rodents or not. There has been some debate on this topic, and we will be taking a closer look at the characteristics of rabbits and rodents to come to a conclusion. Stay tuned as we dive into this interesting topic!

The Difference Between Rabbits and Rodents

Many people believe that rabbits are rodents, but this is not accurate. While rabbits and rodents share some similarities, they are different animals. Rodents are a group of animals that includes rats, mice, squirrels, and chipmunks, while rabbits are lagomorphs, which are a type of mammal that includes hares and pikas.

Physical Differences

One of the most apparent differences between rabbits and rodents is their physical appearance. Rabbits have long ears and powerful hind legs, while rodents have shorter ears and legs. Additionally, rabbits have a distinctive digestive system that allows them to digest food twice, while rodents have a single-chambered stomach.

Behavioral Differences

Rabbits and rodents also have different behaviors. Rabbits are social animals that live in groups, while rodents are more solitary. Rabbits are also known for their tendency to burrow and dig, while rodents are more likely to climb and gnaw on things.

Common Misconceptions About Rabbits and Rodents

Despite the differences between rabbits and rodents, many people still believe that rabbits fall into the category of rodents. This misconception often leads to confusion about the care and handling of these animals.

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One of the significant misconceptions about rabbits and rodents is their diet. While rodents are known for eating almost anything, including seeds, nuts, fruits, and insects, rabbits have a specific diet that consists mainly of hay, fresh vegetables, and water. Feeding a rabbit a diet similar to that of a rodent can lead to health problems and malnutrition.


Another misconception is the type of housing needed for rabbits and rodents. While rodents can be kept in cages, rabbits require much more space to move around and exercise. Keeping a rabbit in a small cage can lead to stress and health issues.

Care and Handling

Another misconception about rabbits and rodents is their care and handling. While rodents may be more independent and require less attention, rabbits need daily interaction and care. Rabbits require frequent grooming to prevent hairballs and other health issues, and they also need regular exercise to maintain their physical health.

Rabbits also have unique personalities and behaviors that require a specific approach to handling. For example, rabbits are prey animals and may become frightened if handled incorrectly. It is essential to handle rabbits gently and calmly, allowing them to feel safe and secure.

FAQs – Are rabbits rodents yes or no?

What is a rodent?

Rodents are a group of small mammals known for their continuously growing incisors in the upper and lower jaws. The group, which includes mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, squirrels, and beavers, is identified by their sharp, chisel-like teeth, which help them gnaw through woods and other materials.

Are rabbits rodents?

No, rabbits are not rodents. They belong to a different order of mammals called Lagomorpha. While rabbits and rodents may share some similarities, such as their herbivorous diet and similar size, they are distinct groups of mammals.

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What makes rabbits different from rodents?

Rabbits differ from rodents in several ways. Firstly, they have four continuously growing incisors instead of two in rodents. Secondly, rabbits have a unique digestive system that involves fermentation of food in the hindgut, while rodents have a simple stomach with no sacculated colon. Lastly, rabbits have longer ears and hind legs, which are adaptations to their lifestyle of running and hopping.

Why do people confuse rabbits with rodents?

Rabbits and rodents share several similarities that sometimes make it difficult to tell them apart. They are both small, herbivorous mammals that are commonly kept as pets or used in scientific research. Additionally, their similar size, diet, and nature of gnawing can make people confuse them.

Are there other animals that are often mistaken for rodents?

Yes, some other animals are mistaken for rodents. For example, shrews and moles, which belong to the order Soricomorpha, have small, rodent-like bodies and sharp front teeth, which can make people confuse them with rodents. However, shrews and moles have no relation to rodents either.