The Most Effective Bed Bug Killer

So it is true, you have bed bugs at home. Now what? You have tried many other sprays, aerosols, bug bombs and even paid an expensive exterminator but you are still getting bitten. You have run out of options and you haven?t slept well for weeks. Now what?

EcoRaider can help you.

EcoRaider kills bed bug adults and eggs fast and provides extended protection after treatment. It does not compromise on super bugs that have developed resistance against conventional pesticides. It provides a complete solution for bed bug eradication that is green and safe.

EcoRaider is not a pesticide. It is a botanical-based safe insect killer that kills tough pests including bed bugs like you have never experienced before.?It is easy to use, lethal to insects, but safe for children and pets.

It has become the #1 tool preferred by leading pest management professionals and recommended by the USDS IR4 Public Health Pesticide Program for treating bed bugs in public housing facilities.

#1 Performance Proven by University Independent Study.

?According to a Rutgers University independent study published in the Journal of Economic Entomology, after testing two professional pesticides and ten natural products, EcoRaider is the only natural product that kills bed bugs.
In the same study, EcoRaider also was the most effective among all products in killing bed bug eggs.
Another recently published study proves that EcoRaider provides higher efficacy performance than pesticides made of chemical active ingredients such as pyrethroids, deltamethrin, neonicotinoids and Chlorfenapyr, by causing faster and higher mortality of bed bugs, including pesticide-resistant super bugs.EcoRaider not only kills bed bug fast and thoroughly on contact, it provides an extended residual for two weeks. Studies show that EcoRaider?s two-week aged dry residual can still kill bed bug!

Eco-friendly, children-and-pets-safe.

?Unlike chemical pesticides, EcoRaider kills insects through a different mode of action. EcoRaider’s plant extracted active ingredients attack a neuron receptor that only exists in invertebrates (such as insects) to cause immediate paralysis and death, but do not affect vertebrates (such as humans, birds, animals and fish).

EcoRaider only contains ingredients that are generally recognized as safe. According to Product Safety Lab testing, EcoRaider causes none to minimal skin irritation. It is safe for people, for pets and the whole household.

EcoRaider can be used in sensitive environments such as schools, clinics, health-care facilities and public areas.

Three-Step Easy Bed Bug Elimination!


Remove bed linens, mattress covers and clothing. Use a plastic bag to transfer them to the tumble dryer. If care label allows, tumble dry on the highest temperature (140 ?F) for at least 30 minutes to kill any existing bed bugs.


Spray all sides of the bed frame and head board; all edges and seams of the mattress and box spring; any edge, corner, joint, nook and cranny.


Thoroughly spray the surrounding area including night stand, the seam, folds and hollow construction of chairs and sofas; curtain folds, baseboard, crown moldings; edge of the carpet and any cracks and crevices in the wall, furniture, floor?