Termite Droppings From Ceiling

Termite Droppings From Ceiling Termites leave behind light-brown faecal pellets, or frass, when they eat the wood grains in your ceiling. The droppings also serve as a way for termites to clean themselves. The ceilings in a eaten house will sound hollow when you tap them. Termites, also known as subterranean termites, make nests in … Read more

13 Drywall Signs Of Termites

How to Spot Termites in Drywall

How to Spot Termites in Drywall : 13 Signs Termites in drywall Termites in drywall can be a challenging problem to deal with, but there are treatment options available. These pesky insects need moist areas and a constant source of food to survive. The walls, floors, and wood beams in your home may also be … Read more