Easiest 3 DIY Bed Bug Trap

Originally posted on July 3, 2020 @ 10:49 am

Set that aside. You will need it at the last step. It should be frothy by then. If not then it would not take long.

Step 1: Start

Bed bugs have become a most important issue around our country (USA) and all over the world. I think it is because of our bad economy.

People are picking things up from beside the road & carrying it into their houses. Before you do this you should be very careful because those things might hide bed bugs.

Once you have them it is very hard to get rid of them.

Traps are unlikely to solve your bed bug problem, but if you cannot afford to pay expensive exterminators then traps may help.
This is the easiest bed bug trap.


2 or 3 liter bottle
Roll of Paper Towels
Scissors with a sharp point or include a knife or razor

Step 2: get ready the Bottle








Cut the top off along the top edge of the label.

Step 3: Make Footholds

The bed bugs cannot climb the soft plastic bottle, so you have to give them something to grab as they climb.

Wrap the bottle with paper towel & tape it on. Make it even at the bottom. Cut off the excess at the top, but leave a little overhang.

Step 4: Grand lastly

Fold the top over into the bottle, then invert the bottle top and put in it into the bottle.

It should be even at the top with no plastic sticking up.?

You are done. You can add a little talcum powder inside to make it more slippery, but I have-not found that necessary.

Put about 1/4 cup of sugar into the bottle and then about 3 inch of the sugar/yeast solution.

Add excess solution into the fridge. The yeast will go dormant in the cold, but become active again when warmed up.

Place it in a place where you want it to catch bed bugs &it would not get knocked over.

You might find bed bugs in it in the morning.

If you do not, that does not mean there are no bed bugs.

They will only come if they are very hungry.

How to Trap Bed Bugs With Tape – Steps to Follow

There are a number of steps that can be followed when looking for ways to trap bed bugs with tape.

When getting rid of these pests, prevention is always better than the cure.

There are a number of steps that can be followed in order to prevent them from returning.

As a result, a person can get rid of these insects without having to use chemicals or bug sprays.

Although it can be difficult to completely remove a pest, it is possible to do so with the right steps.

Step one involves sealing all cracks and crevices that allow entry.

These pests love to use crevices as their home. It is very important to seal them before exterminating them because they love to return and bite on the areas where they can enter.

One of the best ways to do this is by making sure that the area is sealed well.

The next step involves eliminating all foods that these pests can feed on.

The use of insecticides is highly discouraged because the pesticides can harm the person using the tape or the surrounding area.

This is why the use of traps is preferred.

Step three involves sealing up cracks around the house and all cracks in the carpeting.

Once the cracks are sealed, the pests will be unable to access the areas and can be eliminated easily.

Another tip is to place mats in rooms that are dark or have tight spaces.

This allows the pests to seek out the source of light and the air as well.

It is also a good idea to use a vacuum in rooms that have several pets and animals.

How to Make Your Own DIY Bedbug Interceptor Traps – Simple Guide

DIY Bedbug Interceptor Traps

Are you ready to know how to make your own DIY Bedbug Interceptor Traps?

With a little help from this guide, you can be set to catch these pests with ease. Here is how to do it:


Step one – Find out if you are eligible for the trap. Bedbugs, while infesting your house, can be found in any part of the home, not just the bed.

Step two -? You’ll have to use the traps.

Step three – Set up the traps at the right spot in your home. Start with the inside of your house, at least where the sleeping areas are. This will enable you to take out the bedbugs from there.

And, when the signs of infestation are already apparent, you can move them to the other parts of the house.

Step four – Test the traps. Follow the instructions and put the bait in the trap to see if it works or not.

Step five – Prepare the wood for the traps. Put it in a place where they can be easily seen. Do the same with the bait and paint the trap well.

Step six – Put on the decals for the traps. You can find these in any local hardware store, but, if you don’t, you can buy them online.

Step seven – Place the traps. You have to know where to place them in order to kill them quickly.

How Does the DIY Steam Bed Bug Treatment Work?

With so many ways to kill bed bugs, many homeowners are resorting to what is called the DIY Steam Bed Bug Treatment.

This is a popular method for dealing with the infestation of these insects in the home.

But while this seems like a great idea, the drawback is that the homeowner has to keep coming back to this treatment, which does not allow them to save money on their pest control service.

While there are plenty of other methods of pest control and extermination that the homeowner can choose from, the DIY Steam Bed Bug Treatment is an option that a lot of people overlook.

Steam cleaning is considered one of the most effective methods of extermination, and it has been used for centuries.

  • The reason steam cleaning is so effective is because the steam kills the insects right inside their life cycle, and since they cannot fly, or jump, they die once they fall into the steam.
  • This method also kills off all of the eggs that have hatched so far, and it kills adult bed bugs as well.

Although this treatment does cost a bit more than the traditional methods of pest control, it is definitely a lot cheaper.

In order to get the best results with your DIY Steam Bed Bug Treatment, you will want to begin with cleaning the areas where the infestation is located.

You want to steam clean the entirety of these areas.

After the steam treatment, you can then move onto treating the rest of the rooms in the home.

By using the hot steam method, you are sure to kill these pests permanently.